Polypropylene Macramé Yarn for Fly Tying – Brushed


This material makes great wings and dubbing brushes!

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When brushed out, this material is fantastic for making wings on floating flies. We love using it as a wing material on Chubby Chernobyls and most foam flies. This is the same exact material as EP fibers so it can also be cut to length and used to create great dubbing brushes. We also use this as substitute for EP fibers in baitfish patterns. Chop and blend it for a great dubbing material. Many colors are available and the brushed yarn can be blended together to make your own unique colors!

Want to brush out your own? We also sell 12″ hanks of this yarn braided

Price is per 12″ of braded material brushed.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × .24 in
Polypropylene Colors

Almond Brown, Chartruese, Flesh/Cream, Oatmeal, Orange, Pearl Beige, Pink, Pottery, Purple, Rust, Smoke Gray, Sunshine Yellow, White


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